The Unicorn Girl- It’s okay to be different

#NEMOPHILIST3 – The Unicorn Girl

It’s okay to be different. You think she is different but she thinks that you are all same. She feel proud to be the odd one out. She rides a unicorn when the whole world rides on horses, that doesn’t mean she is crazy, she absolutely has no desire to fit in. She doesn’t want to do what everybody else does, she wants to be able to do whatever she imagine of doing. Yes, dear girl, it is okay to be different, it is okay to be the odd one out, it is okay to be original, it is okay to be you.

Click here to see the speed paint of this art, Watercolour portrait: Unicorn Girl



Foxy Girl


Hi everyone! I am planning on doing another series, I would like to call this series as “NEMOPHILIST” featuring a girl who wanders in forest and its beauty and solitude, loves nature, and be kind to all types of animals, the last post “Mermaid love” included in this series too, I kinda want this to take slow, to learn anatomy of animals and update my portrait skills.

If you wanna check out how I painted this, click here Watercolour Portrait: Foxy Girl



Mermaid love

I always fantasize about mystical creatures, creatures that didn’t exists, beautiful ones that was created in man’s head, although I always wonder that all the “mystical creatures” that have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, wings to fly, gills to breath underwater, heart to beat, nothing new to exist other than which our Creator already created to do so, Subahanallah. Why does a creature need gills to breath underwater, they could have something else, I guess human brain limit to imagine ends there. No offence, but thats what I always wonder about!

I love mermaids, merpeople, wonderful beautiful creatures. I was inspired by a Youtuber  Lesya Poplavskaya ‘s recent art and found my inspiration to paint this girl half submerged in water with goldfishes around. When I about to paint the water finally, I was afraid I might ruin it because I love how it was turning out, but what’s the point in that?! I have to keep learning by making mistakes, but Alhamdhulilah, I didn’t ruin it, it turned out to be exactly what I had in my mind!

I hope you would love to see how I managed not to ruin this art, click here to see Watercolor portrait: Mermaid, Goldfishes




Galaxies around us

Inspired by the infinite galaxies around us. We are not stuck with the past, every breath we take is another oppurtinity waiting for us. Infinite opportunities, infinite worlds.

I wanted to make the circles precise, my bad, I failed to do so, it is not easy as I thought. I will make it right, In Sha Allah. But the painting turned out like I imagined in my head, happy about it.

If you want to look how I struggled to make the circle right, check out the video Watercolour painting: Galaxy Star girl portrait


New Sketchbook, New art

#New sketchbook new art

If you have been following me, you would know that I recently finished my first sketchbook successfully. I bought the second one in A3 size and I cut it in half and bind it, and now I got two A4 size sketchbooks! Its a 130gsm and the paper has grain texture to it which I really love, a little yellow tint, and the paint flows well, a big thumbs up!

I need practice to learn to paint hands, legs and basically body anatomy and I thought why start with hands and thats how this painting started. I used wet on wet technique, and whoa! I had so much fun doing so.

If you want to take a look at how I painted this, check out my video here How to paint hands: Wet-on-wet WATERCOLOR 


Messy bun and getting stuff done

Brave girl,

Put your sweats on

Toss your hair in bun

Drink some coffee

Put on some music

Pull up your sleeves

and get things done.

This painting is sooo me. Comfortable with my sweats, messy bun, stubborn spirit, winged eyeliner on fleek and getting things my way.

If you want to take a look at how I paint it, here’s the link How to paint hair: Messy bun Watercolor portrait



WASH AWAY- Last portrait of my First sketchbook

#Wash Away

Let the rain wash away her agony of past; let the hope wash away her sands of sorrow; let the confidence wash away her uncertainty; let the clarity wash away her ashes of doubts; let the tranquility wash away her troubles; let the joy wash away her worries; let the kindness wash away her rage; let the love wash away her misery; let the art wash away her grief.

I end my ‘Painting emotions’ series with this painting and with quite a clear mind, I can’t believe I finished a whole sketchbook, sticking to a theme, which I usually never do. This is the perfect ending to my sketchbook. This series is very special to me and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Expect a video with all the paintings in this sketchbook real soon.

If you want to take a look at the speed paint of this art, here’s the link The Last Portrait of my First Sketchbook


It’s a NEW Beginning_Starting over

#Starting over

She wanted a change, a fresh start, a overall makeover but the same old love. Yep, it’s time to restart her life and make things right this time. She was never afraid of change, but she was afraid that it might make her something who she is not. She realised she was strong enough to go through this part and in this part of her life, she found out what she really is supposed to do this time, a second chance for her and her love.

New beginning are often disguised as painful endings, she realised it hard way.

Here’s the link to the speed paint of this art To WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT “Starting over” Abstract



DIY Disney’s ENCHANTED ROSE: Beauty & the Beast

Another DIY project after a long time.

In regard of the Disney’s new movie release, the most awaited “Beauty and the Beast”, I wanted to create the Enchanted Rose in glass jar.

And it turned out super good. Here’s the link to the video of making of the DIY Disney’s Enchanted Rose 10 easy steps

Items Required:

  • Tall Jar with lid
  • Thin wire
  • Tack
  • A4 Paper sheets
  • Glue and paper tape
  • Scissors and pen knife

How to:

  1. Cut the A4 paper into 4 pieces, you will need 6 pieces of paper.
  2. Fold the paper diagonally twice and fold it in half, cut into petal shape.
  3. Paint all 6 petals on both sides and let it dry.
  4. Cut into leaf shape and paint it green, 2 leaves looks good on the rose.
  5. Cut sepal shape and paint it green.
  6. Wrap the paper tape around thin wire and paint it green, for the stem.
  7. Cut the petal pieces and glue it together and cut the edges.
  8. Start from the biggest petal, and glue all the petals together to make it a rose.
  9. Put all the rose parts together.
  10. Tack the rose to the lid and voila! Disney’s Enchanted rose in your hand.

Tips: Bend the edge of the rose petals a little, to make it look a realistic flower.



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