Falling in Love_ Abstract Art

I was supposed to paint this portrait a year ago, and I drew the pencil sketch a month ago, and only found time to paint it now. It’s a long awaited painting, which didn’t quite turn into what I really had in mind, but I am really glad I finished it strong.

Here’s the speed paint of this art, Falling in Love_Watercolor painting, and check it out, please like, comment and share.



Completed Accordion Sketchbook

#What a Girl and Mermaid Sees

It started from how a girl sees this world and ended underwater with how mermaid sees this world. This is one panoramic view from outside world to underwater world.

I can’t believe this, I finished this whole Accordion Sketchbook with what I imagined in my head, I tried to portray it in the best way that I could and I am so happy with the outcome.

Also, a little update from my side, Ramadhan is here, I might not post any videos at all, or maybe one or two.

Check out the completed accordion sketchbook here, Completed Accordion Sketchbook


ACCORDION Sketchbook part-5

Yes, Mermaid, this is how I took it to another level from koi fishes. Fishes, lake, water, sea weeds, this is how the mermaid sees her world.

Here’s the link to the video of this art making, Watercolor Accordion Sketchbook: Part-5


ACCORDION Sketchbook part-4

Koi fishes, beautiful creature, I could look at them all day. I wanted to bring them in this painting and I couldn’t stop at it, I took a little further. Stay tuned to see how much further I went with Koi fishes.

Here’s the link to the video of this art making, Watercolor Accordion Sketchbook: Part-4


ACCORDION Sketchbook part-3

Under the pond, what do you think is going on. You see beautiful lotus flowers outside, toad leaves, insects around it, buzzing sounds, cracking frogs. Nature has hidden so many creatures, mysterious creatures inside, you can’t see it even if you want to, they are perfectly safe, hiding underwater.

Here’s the video link of this art making Watercolor Accordion Sketchbook: Part-3


ACCORDION Sketchbook part-2

Continuing the part of the sketchbook I made. By now, you might have a clue of what I am trying to portrait. This is the world of the girl, this how a girl sees her world, she sees sky, flowers, trees, pond as exactly as it is, she sees the beauty of the nature with narrow eyes. Nature is secretive, you wouldn’t believe what mysterious things you would find. Stay tuned for what coming up next.

Here’s the link to the video of this art making Watercolor Accordion Sketchbook: Part-2


ACCORDION Sketchbook part-1

Yes, I started painting in the accordion sketchbook I made right away and here’s the part 1 of this art. I tried to relate the things in every page to the last page.

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did, because I had so much fun syncing it to every page and making it one long story, more like panoramic view. I am glad that it turned out almost as what I had in my mind.

Here’s the link to the video making of this art, Watercolor Accordion Sketchbook: Part-1


DIY No-Stitches Accordion Sketchbook

I saw a beautiful completed watercolour accordion notebook and I can’t wait to make myself one. My mind is blasting with ideas for the inspiration. I will update the watercolour painting process of this book and In Sha Allah, I will upload the completed version of this.

Click to see the video of this Accordion notebook making, DIY No-Stitches Sketchbook: Accordion Sketchbook

Things You Need

A3 size paper – 2


Craft papers



pen knife



  1. Cut the A3 size paper in to half, and fold into another half, leaving 1cm folding in one end of the paper.
  2. Do the same to remaining paper, you will have 4 pieces now.
  3. Glue the 1cm folding of one piece to the other end of another piece.
  4. Do the same to remaining pieces.
  5. Cut the 1cm folding off from the last page. You have the pages aligned now.
  6. Cut the cardboard a little bigger than page size.
  7. Wrap up the cardboard with craft paper you have.
  8. Glue the first and last pages to the covers.
  9. It’s Done in 5 minutes!


The Unicorn Girl- It’s okay to be different

#NEMOPHILIST3 – The Unicorn Girl

It’s okay to be different. You think she is different but she thinks that you are all same. She feel proud to be the odd one out. She rides a unicorn when the whole world rides on horses, that doesn’t mean she is crazy, she absolutely has no desire to fit in. She doesn’t want to do what everybody else does, she wants to be able to do whatever she imagine of doing. Yes, dear girl, it is okay to be different, it is okay to be the odd one out, it is okay to be original, it is okay to be you.

Click here to see the speed paint of this art, Watercolour portrait: Unicorn Girl


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