DIY No-Stitches Accordion Sketchbook

I saw a beautiful completed watercolour accordion notebook and I can’t wait to make myself one. My mind is blasting with ideas for the inspiration. I will update the watercolour painting process of this book and In Sha Allah, I will upload the completed version of this.

Click to see the video of this Accordion notebook making, DIY No-Stitches Sketchbook: Accordion Sketchbook

Things You Need

A3 size paper – 2


Craft papers



pen knife



  1. Cut the A3 size paper in to half, and fold into another half, leaving 1cm folding in one end of the paper.
  2. Do the same to remaining paper, you will have 4 pieces now.
  3. Glue the 1cm folding of one piece to the other end of another piece.
  4. Do the same to remaining pieces.
  5. Cut the 1cm folding off from the last page. You have the pages aligned now.
  6. Cut the cardboard a little bigger than page size.
  7. Wrap up the cardboard with craft paper you have.
  8. Glue the first and last pages to the covers.
  9. It’s Done in 5 minutes!



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