Mermaid love

I always fantasize about mystical creatures, creatures that didn’t exists, beautiful ones that was created in man’s head, although I always wonder that all the “mystical creatures” that have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, wings to fly, gills to breath underwater, heart to beat, nothing new to exist other than which our Creator already created to do so, Subahanallah. Why does a creature need gills to breath underwater, they could have something else, I guess human brain limit to imagine ends there. No offence, but thats what I always wonder about!

I love mermaids, merpeople, wonderful beautiful creatures. I was inspired by a Youtuber  Lesya Poplavskaya ‘s recent art and found my inspiration to paint this girl half submerged in water with goldfishes around. When I about to paint the water finally, I was afraid I might ruin it because I love how it was turning out, but what’s the point in that?! I have to keep learning by making mistakes, but Alhamdhulilah, I didn’t ruin it, it turned out to be exactly what I had in my mind!

I hope you would love to see how I managed not to ruin this art, click here to see Watercolor portrait: Mermaid, Goldfishes





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