DIY Disney’s ENCHANTED ROSE: Beauty & the Beast

Another DIY project after a long time.

In regard of the Disney’s new movie release, the most awaited “Beauty and the Beast”, I wanted to create the Enchanted Rose in glass jar.

And it turned out super good. Here’s the link to the video of making of the DIY Disney’s Enchanted Rose 10 easy steps

Items Required:

  • Tall Jar with lid
  • Thin wire
  • Tack
  • A4 Paper sheets
  • Glue and paper tape
  • Scissors and pen knife

How to:

  1. Cut the A4 paper into 4 pieces, you will need 6 pieces of paper.
  2. Fold the paper diagonally twice and fold it in half, cut into petal shape.
  3. Paint all 6 petals on both sides and let it dry.
  4. Cut into leaf shape and paint it green, 2 leaves looks good on the rose.
  5. Cut sepal shape and paint it green.
  6. Wrap the paper tape around thin wire and paint it green, for the stem.
  7. Cut the petal pieces and glue it together and cut the edges.
  8. Start from the biggest petal, and glue all the petals together to make it a rose.
  9. Put all the rose parts together.
  10. Tack the rose to the lid and voila! Disney’s Enchanted rose in your hand.

Tips: Bend the edge of the rose petals a little, to make it look a realistic flower.




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