Choking to Death: Painting emotion #faces14

#Choking to death

He thinks her ego stops her, he thinks she doesn’t love him, he thinks she forgot him, he thinks she enjoys her life without him, he thinks she didn’t want to talk to him, he thinks she hates him. What an idiot he is! How can she hate him? Does her ego stops her? No, she just want to take time to heal. Does she forgot him? No, She thinks of him every milli second and cries for him, obviously when no one is noticing, her love for him would never fade, she loves him with all the broken pieces of her. Does she enjoys her life without him? No, she stays at her room, thinking about whether he ever thinks of her at least once a day, expecting his text messages, even though she doesn’t reply, she rereads every message and his voice messages were only thing that keeps her soul attached to her lifeless body. Yes, he is an idiot to think that she would hate him. She  can’t hate him, her love for him had passed that stage long ago.. She wanted to reply to his calls and text messages, but she is too afraid to go through all the pain all over again. She doesn’t trust him anymore, the bond between them was stronger because of the trust she had in him. Now, it is shattered. No one can understand how she feels, she just want run to the pool, dive in, so that no one notices her, and choke to death, rather than living a life without any communication with the love of her life.

Watch the time-lapse of this art, I did make mistakes with the eye co-ordination, In Sha Allah, will get better next time, other than that, I am happy how it turned out. Here’s the link Watercolour ART: Choking to death_Painting emotions #faces14



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