Drowned in his thoughts : Painting emotions #Faces11

#Drowned in his thoughts

All she could do is think about him, every song, every thing she sees, every  word she hears, every little thing she does, reminds her of him. Her thoughts were filled by him, both good and bad memories. Thats the thing about memories, it doesn’t show you only good ones. One confused heartbroken girl she is. He taught her what love is and forgot to teach her how to live without him. The nights were killing her. Heartbreaks didn’t let her sleep and the heartache made her weep. She cried a river and drowned herself in, in his thoughts.

When her love is said, each and everyday, it was only heard, she wanted him to feel it deep, through her arts. She didn’t know any other way to make him understand her everlasting love.

Here’s the speedpaint of this art Painting emotions: Drowned by thoughts #Faces11 – Watercolor art



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