DIY ‘Wreck this Journal’ Sketchbook

This is my first DIY project and there is many more  to come.
I saw ‘Wreck my Journal’ on so many YouTube channels and I wanted to make it myself.

‘Wreck my Journal’ is an illustrated book for the people who has trouble starting or finishing a journal or sketchbook.

Right away, I know it’s a journal for me, because I have never finished a diary. I really want to get my hands on this journal, so I made one for myself.

Things you Need

  •  Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors and Craft knife
  • Pencil and Black Marker
  • Ruler
  • Paperclips


  1. Fold your paper to make signatures. I use two set of paper for 1 signature.
  2. Mark 2 cm apart for the binding at the top and end of the signatures and make holes.
  3. Cut the cardboard a little bigger than the size of the book.
  4. Mark the holes for covers about 1 cm away from the spine.
  5. Start with the bottom cover with one signature, sew from inside of the signature to outside.
  6. Around to the outside cover and make a loop and back into the signature.
  7. Repeat the process for the other holes.
  8. After the last hole, loop around, return the needle to the next signature.
  9. Repeat the process by making the loop to previous signatures.
  10. When you reach the last signature, it is time to sew the cover.
  11. Start withe cover, loop around once and sew through the last signature.
  12. For remaining stitches, loop around the previous signature, then the cover, loop around once and back into the signature.
  13. When you reach the end, tie off the knot and cut the thread off.
  14. Finished!

Here’s the link to the video tutorial on how to make DIY easy Sketchbook | Wreck this journal | Step by Step using coptic stitch binding method.

I will upload the completed version of this journal once I finish it.



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