Caterpillar First try! Coming out!

I wanted to paint caterpillar, as I was searching for reference picture, I was scrolling down on my mobile phone and I felt eww!! touching the caterpillar pictures, hehe!

I remember the time I took pictures of caterpillar for my photography collection, after my photoshoot, I felt something was crawling over my body for like an hour or so!

So, let’s get back to painting again, I wanted to paint a big caterpillar, with lots of details in it, but I painted the leaf very small, with our realising. Mistake! So my caterpillar is so small and I couldn’t give more details to it.

So I am drawing another one with big caterpillar, and you know what is going to my next painting 😉

Here’s the speed paint video of this art Painting simple caterpillar, watercolour illustration



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