Painting emotions: Faces #3

#Trapped in love, longing for him

What was he searching for, making a appearance to her? and what did he lose to disappear so quickly from her life? Love is a web of illusion, it traps, and leaves no one behind. Even if her heart is broken, all she need is to see him, one more time. She cries alone, longing for his arrival. Even her tears are not hers, to keep. She wipes it away and wishes to roll back the time, the impossible task that everybody wish that they could do. But all she can do is wait, and if she has to wait for a life time, she would definitely will. Her love for him never dies.

I did not like the outcome of this art, because I made a mistake on her nose and the other eye, offscreen, I tried to fix it and ended up putting a mask on her face, hehe, I couldn’t fix it. I am still posting this, to learn from my mistakes.

Here’s the speed paint video link of the painting Watercolour painting: #Trapped in love, longing for him #Faces 3




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