Wild Violet on Tame paper #lifestory

We can not tame the wilderness. People say that some people change out of love, out of tragedy, out of a loss. I didn’t believe until it happened to me. I did change because of a loss. I used to be brave, bold, I take my own decisions, I hide my tears, I never show my sad side, I put up a happy face, I don’t like showing that side of my life to anyone except my husband, but, after the loss, I tried to keep my tears inside, I couldn’t, I tried to be brave and bold, nothing helped, I tried to survive, but all I could do was to spend yet another day, alone and sad. I truly am not living my life.

Loneliness gave me company, and I started this watercolour thing to screen away that side from my life. But we can not truly tame the wilderness. It will come out eventually.

I just painted a Wild Violet flower on the plain white paper, thinking, that I screened away the pain, but it is still there, and it will be there, forever. Here’s the link to the speed paint of this art, Watercolour painting: Wild Violet Floral illustration



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