Good Dream, Bad Dream

This is the world where good and bad, both tries to beautify the paths we come across. How do we tell which is good for us? I guess we never know unless we try. If we choose the good dream, meaning, the one that takes us higher and makes us happy, we ought to keep it steady without getting it to our head. If we choose the bad dream, well, learn from it. No one is better than you, to teach you what is right from wrong.

Follow your dream no matter what.

The dreamcatcher is supposed to trap the bad dreams and allow the good ones through the small loop. In real life, there is no such things to keep you away from bad happenings, learn to trap it, the good happenings always has a small loop hole, let the hope pass through it.

Checkout the speed paint of the dreamcatcher, Watercolor Painting ‘DREAMCATCHER’ with two colours , it turned out to be so good.



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