Pink Flowers

Bad news, the ankle sprain I mentioned earlier, some tissues near my ankle was damaged, I might have rolled it over at night or something. I got to give ice bath and hold on to crepe bandage and take rest for at least a week. So, I can’t wander around my house and was being constantly watched by my mom 😀

I decided to paint these beautiful flowers, just spur in the moment. I took videos and photos in between, patiently. I never watch the video while painting, I always concentrate on what I paint. Today, I watched my video recording as well, and I hope to record like this time with more patience here after.

This time I wanted to post the full video of how I paint. No speed paint. The link to the full video of this painting Pink Flowers | Watercolour VideoA0801_16a

I clicked some pictures in between the drying phases, check out below



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