Pascal the Chamy

Inspired by the last two disney princesses painting, I was hoping to paint the pet of the Rapunzel, from Disney’s Tangled movie, none other than, our beloved cutest pet of them all, Pascal the Chameleon. I was not sure whether you guys can recognise the character,because I always draw my version of any character, I am not good at replicating exactly as it is. But our little green friend turned out to be ‘a better close version of the character’ Hehe! Yay for Humai!

Obviously, I recorded the whole thing, but due to memory shortage, I skipped the last part, which is tiny details to the skin part. It was so much fun , recreating my favourite character. Still I managed to put together a video of the speed painting process, here’s the link to it Pascal the Chamy | Watercolour | Speed Paint 

And here’s the final look of the pascal the chamy, our grumpy looking little fellow.



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