The last painting before Ramadhan

So guys, Ramadhan is near, so this would be my last painting of this month. And today’s painting is going to be, since I started doing watercolour painting, I did flowers, because it was easier for me to start, I even did Chinese lanterns which is not common around here. But it didn’t occurred to me, one of my favourite flower, Rose, the flower of love, the symbol of beauty, I did not tried painting it. So it was time for me to pick up my brush and give a stroke, which hopefully will turn into  a rose.

Of lately, I have following a YouTuber, who makes crafts and cards by painting and watercoloring. She does her cards with bordered flowers. I thought ‘why not?!’

I did recorded a video of this painting and you can look it up here Speed Paint | Roses and Leaves | Watercolour



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