Draw what you eat

I was watching some old tv series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., which is my favourite show, I watch whenever I was bored. Joey and Phoebe were my favourite characters. Overtime Phoebe says something, it amazes me, she states the obvious in a funny unexpected way, and is sometimes a bitter truth. My stomach started to growl, it’s like ‘feed me, feed me’. I thought of whipping up something easy and quick to eat. I made Milo Mug Cake, microwave style.

Finished eating the cake and the appetite to paint something rushed in. I didn’t even think long enough, first thought was, draw what you eat.

Then my mind goes

‘cupcakes, cupcakes’,

‘Oh sure!! cupcakes are cute’,

‘let’s do some googling for reference’,

‘alright, pink toppings are cute’,

‘nah, cherries are way better’,

‘okay, okay, please don’t argue, lets do both’

is how I ended up painting this.




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