Weird yet beautiful, Jellyfishes

The ocean is a mysterious place, with all sorts of creatures, beautiful and terrifying. Each creature is beautiful in its own way. Not everyone sees their beauty, some find it weird, some find it beautiful, only few find beauty in that weirdness. And that few people are the best people, and if you ever find them, never let them go out of your life. Our life is similar to Jellyfish, nobody understands how things work for us, nobody knows what triggers us to sting them, nobody sees the real beauty in our awkward weirdness. People think that they see through us, reality is that they see what we show them.

Here is the video of speed paint of this art Speed Paint | Jellyfishes | Watercolour 


We are weird yet beautiful in our own way. Never limit yourself, because there is no limit to how beautiful we can become.


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