The time I wondered about Chinese Lanterns

I was at my sister’s place in Malaysia 3 years back. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday, so his colleagues got him a cake. It was 3 layered chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and some fruits and macaroons on top. There were strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and a small round, yellow coloured fruit with golden embroidered petals enclosing the fruit. I was wondering what it was and was questioned to eat 😀 Then I thought what the hell, it’s on a cake and I ate it. Even after then, I was curious to know what it is. I did some googling and found out that it was the famous Chinese lantern fruit.

Of late, I was going through the pictures from Malaysia and I thought why don’t I paint the Chinese Lanterns is how I got the idea to paint this. Again I browsed through internet for little more details of the fruit and decided to go with green, orange and yellow shades. And here’s how it turned out.


And here’s the video of the speed painting  Speed Paint | Chinese lantern flowers | Watercolour 

P.S., I am from India, this fruit is not common here. That is the only reason I am not aware of these fruits, I am not a stupid 😀


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