Let your Mind to listen to your Heart

Peace is what everyone in this whole world is seeking for. Some seek peace from all their struggles, others seek peace even from their daily life. Some find peace by spending time with family, some find by spending time to himself, alone. Some look for peace in money, some look for peace by spending money. What most people forget is, Peace you seek for, is only attained when you do what your Heart wants you to do. We can’t listen to our Heart all the time, in this cruel world. But, time to time, let your Mind to listen to your Heart, to know your true feelings, and that gives you peace.

And I found my peace in watercoloring. Not in daily basis, but, time to time, I paint. And when I do, I find myself in the most peaceful world that I can ever be.

I didn’t record the painting process this time, I forgot. Don’t blame me, I was in the middle of finding my peace 😀 Here is my version of finding my peaceful time



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