My First Watercolour Painting

Hey there everyone..

I have always wanted to try watercolour painting since I was a child, I didn’t do it until now. Maybe it was because I was too comfortable with Pencil sketches. I saw so many YouTube videos of watercolour artists and I couldn’t wait to try it. Finally, my time to try out watercoloring has come! So the first thing that was going on my mind was to paint something simple, which is obviously flowers, in my case. And my favourite colour is red. Simple + Flower + Red = Poppies! Yes, Poppies was my first choice to start this journey.

I started by setting up my table first. Paper, brushes, paints, water in 2 small bowls, tissue papers, music(obviously). As I placed everything on the table, the rush to paint has already started. I outlined the flowers I want to paint with pencil and I did my first stroke with brush, oh!!! Bliss!!! I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed a lot and felt like this is what I wanted to do all along.

I recorded the painting process, as it was my first tryout, my camera turned off by itself in between so many times. But I still managed to make a video out of it. Here is the link of my speed painting Speed paint | Poppys | Watercolour 

poppyThis is my first watercolour painting and there are more to come..

I started blogging on April in another blog community but that site says ‘Gateway closed’ and all my posts and blogs are deleted with it. I am planning to post all the posts here as soon as possible.


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