I have opened a New Artist Shop!!!

Hi everyone..

I have opened a new Artist Shop in threadless.com

I have put together few of my watercolour paintings into the shop featuring in t-shirts, mugs, framed artworks, art prints, rugs, blankets, duvet, phone case, bath mat, beach towels and so much more. Check out my collections and give me a feedback. I didn’t think of opening a artist shop when I start out, now I can’t belive I have the courage to open up a shop for myself. This is pretty huge for me! I hope you guys support me, check out my shop and spread the word.

I would love to do customised art for any products listed in threadless or even art prints, just contact me here, commissions according to your needs.

Link here “HumaiPaints Artist Shop

Featured post

Abstract Butterflies

I wanted to paint mermaid, but I don’t know why I drew butterflies on the paper. I didn’t want to erase and start over. So, I just painted it away.

And yes, you guessed it, my next painting is going to be mermaid, because the MarMay challenge is everywhere and I want to jump into as soon as possible.

Here’s the quick view of how I painted my Abstract Butterflies Watercolour Art


Patterns_ The blues

Yes, I am obsessed with the blue colours from my new watercolour set, Hehe. So I wanted to paint something quick and simple, ‘so why not patterns? easy to draw, quicker to paint, I could save time by not thinking about ideas, going through reference pictures. It’s going to be simple’ I thought. Well. turns out, it is THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PAINTING and also THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PAINTING, wait for it, and THE MOST ATTENTIVE PAINTING that I had to done.

YES, after carefully, measuring the lengths and widths of squares, I had to make it triangles, after that, I had to paint it inside the borders, which was most consuming, I couldn’t afford to ruin it by rushing it, I had already put so much time in it. But the good thing is I used all my patience on that one painting, and got crankier the entire day, Hahaha.

So, here is the link to the most attentive, patience whisperer painting Patterns- The blues



Blue Whale

Oh yeah! You read that right! I always wanted to paint blue whale. I have seen satisfying videos of painting whale, and that rush to paint it, but one thing stopped me, is that I didn’t have better paper for this technique, if I layered like that, my paper would dissolve. I still took time when I got new sketchbook, because I wanted to have a better camera and capture the wet on wet technique beautifully. But I couldn’t wait that long any more and painted away the blue whale, impatient me!! Again, I started watercolour painting to have more patience. Ironic! right?!

By the way, I am using my new palette and a new set of watercolour paints, to feel fresh and to get inspired.

Here’s link to the satisfying video of the painting I made “Blue Whale Watercolor Art

Personally, I am loving this piece.



Mother’s Day being a mother

This is my first mother’s day being a mom myself. Until now Mother’s day was all about my mother, but this year, I too get a tingling feeling whenever I read a quote about mothers on my facebook feeds, I relate it to myself and wonder how I am going to raise my little boy in a well mannered way, In Sha Allah, I pray Allah gives me a lot of patience and guidance to do so.

“So this is how it feels like, now I understand ma” is what I said to my mother.

Here’s the link to the video of how I painted “Mother’s Day Special



It’s Summer! Popsicle!

It’s bright and shiny summer day. And one thing everybody crave is the fruit flavoured juicy brain freezing colourful popsicle. I eat grape flavoured popsicle every afternoon, I mean, literally every afternoon, to keep my cool 😉

And that’s why I painted popsicles to day, with my little boy playing side by me. I was supposed to paint wet on wet technique, but dried out every now and then when I picked up my boy cause he wanted my attention. Jay-Lee is a watercolour artist, he paints strapping his toddler on his front in his videos. I wonder how he does that! I don’t think I can concentrate that way. When my precious wanted my attention, I couldn’t ignore him 😀

So here’s how I struggled painting with my precious pink toes kicking me Summer Popsicle Watercolor Art



Layered Landscape: The Blues

I wanted to try this for a long time now, but why haven’t I been preparing for it? First try isn’t always going to be successful, isn’t it? Things I made mistake were the masking tape and the paper I used to paint and last but not least, losing the will to be patient. I know this is not wet on wet technique that I am following to create this art. Instead, my ignorance rush to paint, didn’t quite keep the dryer for longer between layers and thus ending up leaking between layers. How stupid of me! I started painting to gain patience, not to lose it, Hehe.

I am gonna try next time with lots of patience and with better masking tape, of course. I guess my tape too lost patience and let the water slide across borders, bleed out and made my painting messy. But it turned out good as I expected, minus the flaws.

Here’s the video of how I messed up the layers but still managed to finish a painting “Watercolor art: The Blues

By the way, I created new Intro clip to the videos and I am loving it.


I am back

Hi all, did anyone miss me? I am back on track, but I can’t keep up with what I do on daily basis. I took a break from all these, because I am a new mommy now, Alhamdhulilah. Everything is new to me, with a baby and the responsibilities which comes with the baby, I will try to post my art regularly, once a week or so.

Dusted off my painting cardboard box and time to start with a beautiful, yet simple art. This came into my mind, I don’t know I must be thinking about Galaxies, Universe because of the ‘Avengers: Infinity war’ that keep running in my mind. Hard to keep my eyes off from the spoilers in Facebook newsfeeds.

So here’s the link to the video of how I got back to painting “Watercolor Art: Infinity Galaxy Tree”



Taking my first ART REQUEST

Doing my first Art request from a YouTube Subscriber. Here’s the screenshot of the viewer

So, I wanted to do something simple, yet required to meet his request, so this is what popped on my head, yes, Hot Head. And it turned out pretty good except for the fact I accidentally touch the wet paint and messed up a little, hehe.

Find the link here to the speedpaint of this art process Taking my first Art request 


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